Strokes To Play Super Bock Super Rock Festival Tomorrow

Jul 15

Strokes To Play Super Bock Super Rock Festival Tomorrow

Strokes will be rocking in Portugal for the Super Bock Super Rock Festival TOMORROW! Will you be there?

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vvvv more sober? as far as i knew, jules has been working on the soberness for like 5 or 6 years..and i'm so very proud of him(: and correct his lyrics? i believe he wrote the songs, they are his lyrics, and he has the freedom to change anything he wants!! CHICAGO STILL NEEDS YOU GUYS!!!!

Yes, I was there. I hope next time Julian is more sober, don't make your fans correct your own lyrics, play 2 or 3 more songs, and don't make us say something like "Ahm? Is this over? Wait, look at those lights (Obrigado, Thank you)... WHAT THE HELL??" Dispite all that occurances, it was one of the best concerts I've seen and I was so happy I was just staring at the stage smiling. Thank you for letting me hear my favourite song in a live performance, with my best friends. I'm sorry for the Portugal's dust in the air, but it's all your fault for making great music that makes portuguese fans jump, push who is around, and throw beer to the crowd.
See you next time, find a crazier crowd 'till then.
Ana, Portugal

Wow the strokes are doing an awful lot of festivals which is awesome = ] i love jules , fab nick nickolai and albert !!!!!!

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