Strokes To Play T In The Park Festival

Jun 27

Strokes To Play T In The Park Festival

Strokes will be playing T In The Park Festival on Saturday July 9th in Kinross-Shire, Scotland. Will you be there? Check out the full line-up on T In The Park's official site. This show is currently sold out.

For more of The Strokes' upcoming shows, click here.

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Strokes will be playing T In The Park Festival on Saturday July 9th in Kinross-Shire, Scotland. Will you be there? Check out the full line-up on T In The Park's official site. This show is currently sold out.
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i wish i can call myself the biggest fan entill i realized that most the ppl on this site is a nut job and even though my family thinks im insane how i suggested the strokes to a hot teen i seen at the store. well enyway chicago is prepared as well as i am to please preform in chicago. now chicago isnt the best place in the world but think that you would make a couple hundred girls dreams come true ecpecialy mine who happens to be recently waiting for an ipod to atteck it with your songs..please preform in chicago. <a href="" title=""></a> ///please>>>a very pretty one

well, guess what guys...i'm still waiting for a new event to be posted that you're playing in chicago...i check the site 3 million times a day to see if there's any news, events, anything!!!! i'm the biggest, most devoted fan in the world, and i have nothing to show for it..not even a ticket stub!! i listen to your music all day, every day..your music is my whole guys are even in my dreams, &&then i'm heartbroken when i wake up and you're gone Sad please come to chicago, get me a front row ticket, and just meet me. i swear it's the only thing in the world i want..i don't get much pleasure out of life and i'm sick and tired of life guys..i love you so much...PLAY CHICAGO ALREADY!!!

you are my all and always will be, looks like im not the only crazed fan for the strokes Laughing out loud but really would be a plessing if the strokes would preform in chicago. now i cant promise i waited for the strokes year after year. but i have waited iv never seen you guys preform and the expirience i will have once the strokes come to chicago.i can lie to myself and say i know you. i can lie to my friends and say i know you. but what part of chicago realyy knows the strokes if the strokes dont know chicago. i speak for the living sake of chicago, "please please please preform in chicago"

XDXD tell me about it, now see i am not from the richest family so i can promise that i will never fly half way around the world or even half way around america to see you guys. you see i respect that you play all around the world, but what you dont know is that chiacago is your most valuable, when i first brought up the strokes infront of enybodyin my school, they had no idea who the hell i was talking about then i suggested them to almost my entire school and now thier inlove with you guys. they also know i have a secret crush on julian and maybe just maybe fabritzio XDXD i mean who dosnt envy juliet joslen or at least Drew Barrymore XDXD it would be kickass to finally witness the strokes upclose then on my demand or on my computer which by the way are no longer available "on demand" enymore. for the sake of thirty-thousand girls,please please please preform in chicago. now see i live in a little town named bridgeport,half off bridgport is like maddly in love with the strokes bacause i just had to tell them how kickass the strokes are XD

i like how 3 people from chicago are commenting on a european concert...haha..but see guys, we all love you...especially me..i need you guys to survive..i've cried myself to sleep becuz i kno ill never get to meet guys are my many unworthy fans see you and meet you and think nothing of it..i'm devoted to you guys..if i could afford it, i'd travel across the world just to see you play..but i can't..i'd do anything for you..please come already.

im not in europe, who told you i was in urope,im not in new orleans or the uk, im in chiago. it would be amazing and will make my life more worth living if you preformed in chicago ahh. yepyep. chicago, home to stroke freaks i love you guys and i dont understand why you guys dont preform here. so i suggest that you preform in chicago for the sake...of chiago Laughing out loud pretty please with suger on top

yes it has been, well i dont know how long sence you guys preform in chicago, but the day you preform in chicago will be my very first strokes concert, actually my very first concert. you guys are my favorite band and i would waste no 25$ on any other band than the strokes. ahh dream come true. please promise you guys will proform in chicago. an if not chiacgo at least indianna. it is still close to chicago and i will be able to make it to indanna in the matter of at least an 1 hour away from me casa

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