Strokes To Play T In The Park Festival

Jun 27

Strokes To Play T In The Park Festival

Strokes will be playing T In The Park Festival on Saturday July 9th in Kinross-Shire, Scotland. Will you be there? Check out the full line-up on T In The Park's official site. This show is currently sold out.

For more of The Strokes' upcoming shows, click here.

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i guess it's a good thing that i'm not the only one who's been waiting multiple years for you to and your music is everything to me...i wouldn't be alive without it...there's not a day that goes by where i don't listen to the strokes..i listen for hours at a time...if you just come to chicago, my life will pretty much be complete..i kinda need you to please please please please come.......CHICAGO!!!!!! i love you guys<3

ahh i love the strokes,why dont they preform in chicago, julian,fab,nick,albert,and Nikolai,if you can hear me,wont you just do all of chicago a favor and preform downtown chicago please i have been waiting 3 year for you guys and no show com'n!!

..i understand ur currently on ur european guys mean the world to literally have saved my life numerous times...especially jules with his passionate voice and introspective lyrics..I really want to meet you guys...even tho its pretty much impossible with the way my life's going..but it's the one thing i want..well actually the one thing i want is to marry julian, but i know thats out of the question..hah..but seriously, come to chicago and play for me<3 and meet me...? oh and when you come, could you play ize of the world..? it's pretty much my fav(:

"i'll wait for you" forever<3

come back to the states, i know you have more fans outta the states but COME ON!!! dont make us suffer

You guys need to come to atlanta. I'll let you guys stay at my house, you can hang out with my friends and i and my mom will make us pizza, i promise it'll be fun.

I'm glad you guys are going all international, but you need to come back to Austin, TX!!!

Won't be at this festival, but I know for sure that Baltic countries are waiting for you Smile))

United States