The Strokes Announce New Album ‘Comedown Machine’

Jan 30

The Strokes Announce New Album ‘Comedown Machine’

Stroke Announce New Album ‘Comedown Machine’
The Strokes announced the release of their new record, Comedown Machine out 3/26/13. The band also revealed the album art below.

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37 minutes seems kinda short for an album, ;o but I'll take it!

does this mean a tour finally??

so exited!!! please come to florida on your new tour!

Sorry for the Vision of Division pun but "How Long Must I Wait?" for March 26th?!?!? so excited, I have no idea how I'm gonna be able to sleep until All the Time comes out! A bit disappointed with album art much as it pains me to say,this is definitely their last album...

Is this really REALLY going to be the album´s cover? It´s lame

Can't waitttt!!! Please Live in Malaysia

omg love u guys, thanks for your music Smile


Awesome... I can't wait!
Thanks for continuing to make awesome music..

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