The Strokes' New Single "Taken For A Fool"

May 14

The Strokes' New Single "Taken For A Fool"

The Strokes' New Single "Taken For A Fool"
"Taken For A Fool" will be the second single from The Strokes' new album, Angles. Check out it out below and be sure to request it from your local radio station.

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oh yeah Laughing out loud great single but.... I prefer gratisfaction xD

Excelente canción!! De mis favoritas de Angles.

my favourite song!!!! get taken all the time for a fool(Cool....i don't know why (Cool......jules i love you........the strokes please come to mexico

Just Great!
I feel so identified with this one xD

yeaaahhh ... great single!

my NO. 1 song of Angles. Thank you guys for making music.

oh beautiful cover! and nice song!
good choice guys!!!
now we just need a clip for "Taken For A Fool" !!! =D

this song is really good

I love it... The Strokes you are amazing, please come to México Laughing out loud


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