The Strokes' Performance Of Gratisfaction On Ellen

Jun 01

The Strokes' Performance Of Gratisfaction On Ellen

Strokes performed "Gratisfaction" off their album Angles on the season finale of The Ellen DeGeneres show today! In case your DVR malfunctioned or you missed it, watch the full performance below!

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If you guys have a US tour please please come to Minneapolis MN!

When will you guys come to SAN DIEGO, CA?? YOU HAVE FANS HERE TOO!!!!! PLEEEEAASSEE!!

Great stuff! How about a proper UK tour please, especially London or Brighton?

i watched it!


wow!! great performance, you're the best guys, please come to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Arrleny: if you wrote the lyrics, how can you get them 'wrong'? ;^) Aren't they automatically right, even if they change? (not being confrontational, Darlin', just sayin')

Kurt Cobain and Jack White never sang the lyrics the same way live as on the album either. Must be pretty redundant singing the same song the same way, over and over and over... It would be hard to stay off autopilot.

costa rica loves you guys

that was FAB!!!!! and jules and nick and nikolai and albert too hahah(: brilliant......but you guys have yet to play machu picchu.......may i ask por que??????? oh and btw chicago misses you...more specifically...I MISS YOU...I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EXPLAIN..I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE!!!!! please come...for me?

great were amazing! hope to return to Mexico and we look forward to!

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