The Strokes' Performance Of Gratisfaction On Ellen

Jun 01

The Strokes' Performance Of Gratisfaction On Ellen

Strokes performed "Gratisfaction" off their album Angles on the season finale of The Ellen DeGeneres show today! In case your DVR malfunctioned or you missed it, watch the full performance below!

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I guess Ellen knows what's up

great performance....i love you the strokes......please come to mexico!!!!

OMG they did it awesome as always!!!!
I love u guys, come to Mexico soon please!!!!

Nice! nice! nice! Smile Come to Argentina!

perfect as usual <3
they always leave me gratisfied ;D

This was really good! And Julian even got the words right! Hooray! (I'm sorry Julian)


Fab is awesome in this!!

That was an awesome performance. I would love to see you guys at bonnaroo but i'm stuck in miami.

got to love them

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