The Strokes Performing On Ellen Today!

Jun 01

The Strokes Performing On Ellen Today!

Don't forget to tune in this afternoon to catch The Strokes performing "Gratisfaction" on the season finale of The Ellen DeGeneres Show at 4:00 pm EST on NBC. Check your local listings for times!

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very good! The Strokes en chile please .. to enjoy good music live!

Oh my god i think Ellen called thier album angels! Julian looked so great and he seemed really happy though

The performance is up on Ellen's site:

<a href=";mediaKey=c79bf142-1a65-4505-ace6-448f678e3fed" title=";mediaKey=c79bf142-1a65-4505-ace6-448f678e3fed">;mediaKey=c79bf142-1a65...</a>

Hey guys! When are you coming to Peru? Laughing out loud

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