To The Fans Who Attended Flippaut Festival In Italy

Jul 14

To The Fans Who Attended Flippaut Festival In Italy

To the fans who attended Flippaut Festival in Italy with The Strokes on Tuesday, July 12th:

The Strokes and our promoters in Italy, Barley Arts, are aware and deeply sorry the show was not as great as the audience deserved and expected.

Unfortunately, after a whole day of without any problems, in the second part of The Stokes’ set, we suffered an unexpected power loss happened that we were unable to identify the source of, forcing the band to stop the set 4 times and then cut a few songs out of the planned set list.

The cut off was neither band's nor promoter's fault, though it was a disappointment to all.

With full respect to the audience, Barley Arts and The Strokes did all that was possible to restore the stage audio power and give the fans the full, long awaited show, but all attempt were unsuccessful, to our great regret.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that turned out to be an unfair end to a beautiful day for The Strokes, Barley Arts, and, not least of all, the fans.

We hope to come back to Italy and Milan to give another performance when our schedule permits.

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