Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Jul 08

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!
It's time for the worldwide premiere of The Strokes’ “Taken For A Fool” video directed by Laurent Briet. Check it out on VEVO or watch it below!

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amazing video<3

muy bueno!!!, los esperamos en noviembre en buenos aires

Is very good but try to be happy but I can not stop thinking about the death of Amy Winehouse

hmmm ... i remember Albert hairier ... ahaha youre all truly fantastic and the video is just wonderful .. keep em coming of course

the Strokes should come to Florida!!! <3

no more tour dates now til august 13!!!! CHICAGO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 (:

I just heard Machu Picchu on BBC Radio 1 today!!!! i wonder if is this gonna be their next release... if it's so, GREAT!!!!! i love this track one of the best!!!!
I also heard Taken For a Fool there before it was launched as their 2nd release!

awesome video!! looks like your having fun Julian Smile keep it up you guys are great, unique, and talented!

This video is cool ,nice and simple loving the jacket jules !!!!!!!!

best video yet:))<3