Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Jul 08

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!
It's time for the worldwide premiere of The Strokes’ “Taken For A Fool” video directed by Laurent Briet. Check it out on VEVO or watch it below!

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best video yet:))<3

amazing, now you guys just need to come to Houston!

*w* julian <3

perfect, just perfect <3

you guys need to come to california ;D

ADOREI... Mas.. poderia ter mostrado mais o Fab! ♥ ( Vcs vão fazer outros Shows em Sampa além do PLANETA TERRA NÉ???)!! KISSES!

So cool

I gotta say amazing!!! come to ecuador.. porfa Laughing out loud

You actually NEED to come to Chiacgo. You havn't performed here in awhile, and we all miss you! If I could, I would go to where ever you WERE performing in a heartbeat, but... I can't. Sad CHI-TOWN!!!!!

Jules, you're everywhere in the video...why can't i just meet you..i need guys need to come to chicago..i swear i'm such a devoted fan it's ridiculous..if i had the money, i'd travel across the world just to see you play..i'd die without you rock!
p.s. this vid is like the RADest one yet(:

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