Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Jul 08

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!
It's time for the worldwide premiere of The Strokes’ “Taken For A Fool” video directed by Laurent Briet. Check it out on VEVO or watch it below!

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hehe i loved this video, and at the end with Nikolai being bear hugged by julian or somethin, XDXD ahh i love this, the ending makes my day
i cant wait for the next video

OMG this video is so great, I liked so much.
The Strokes, the best band of ever.
What happened in the end with Julian and Nikolai. 'o'
The music, the video, the band, everything are so good! *---*

This video is crazy, great.
What happened at the end with jules and nikolai? lol
the best of the world: The Strokes
I love these crazy, I love The Strokes

okay, there's like a million julians. Can i have one? PLEASE?!
Oh, i love this video. You guys are amazing musicians, I can't really put it into words.
LOTS OF LOVE, from Los Angeles.
p.s. You guys really need to play over here or my i'm going to die from never seeing you amazing men live. Oh, and tell nikolai that i said shame on him for breaking the zoom! <3

this video is great
all were great
The Strokes style is unique and very cool
The Strokes congratulations new king of Rock!!!

malaysia! malaysia! malaysia!!!!!!! u guys fuckin rocks my day every single day! Laughing out loud

Exelente el indie..!! amoo ^^

Guys, please come to Malaysia. We've been waiting for so long. I think its about time you guys get your bums over here and rock this country out!

BadASS video, enjoyed every second again n again!