Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Jul 08

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!

Video Premiere Of "Taken For A Fool" - Watch Now!
It's time for the worldwide premiere of The Strokes’ “Taken For A Fool” video directed by Laurent Briet. Check it out on VEVO or watch it below!

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This made my week! Thanks sooo much guys. Its amazing. The new album is incredible and this is my favourite song on the album! Video is the strokes i know and love. Glad to see you back on the music scene! Congratulationssss:)
Love Grace<3

amazing amazing amazing job, guys. i check this site multiple times everyday in hopes of a new vid, news of a tv appearance, and mostly new tour dates...this video is fabulous and was the highlight of my day...your music is my life...i love you guys<3 come to chicago(:

amazing!! It's so them, but better.

\(^^)/ I felt bubble like motion inside my stomach...

Omg they killed Steady Moretti.
Lookin' fresh guys! <3

Put on some 3D glasses and watch the's in 3D!

its was awesome! as strokes videos usually are! : ) COME TO SOUTH FLORIDA GUYS!

|the end" of the video is probably the best

esperaba algo mejor :/

Pretty Dope!