Welcome to The Strokes' new site! Enjoy.

May 12

Welcome to The Strokes' new site! Enjoy.

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The new site is so nice for the fans, to they interact with eachother.
But yeah, there are things missing... like the lyrics. Hope you're working out to add this feature soon. Or just put the lyrics on every next CD booklet, please.

definitely miss the old site, but look foward to the cool/fun things you guys will add onto here Smile

this new website is too simple.. the other one was the most beautiful band site i've ever visited. i miss a lot of stuff like lyrics and wallpapers...

yeah!!! please give us lyrics!!!!!!!!!!

yes, seriously where the hell are those beautiful lyrics? we want to sing along!
...and an updated tour section, with new dates (BRAZILLL) would be VERY nice (:

LYRICS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I registered this account solely to inform the webmaster or webmasters that I primarily used <a href="http://www.thestrokes.com" title="www.thestrokes.com">www.thestrokes.com</a> to read lyrics from The Strokes' albums. It seems that at this point there are no lyrics located for any Strokes albums anywhere on this website. I would really appreciate it if you would add a lyrics section like the prior version of <a href="http://www.thestrokes.com" title="www.thestrokes.com">www.thestrokes.com</a> had. Also, it would be even better if the composer or composers of each individual track was also listed along with the lyrics, since now that Angles is out, the composer list for Strokes music isn't just J. CASABLANCAS J. CASABLANCAS J. CASABLANCAS J. CASABLANCAS J. CASABLANCAS J. CASABLANCAS, etc., with an occasional co-writer.
I hope you took the time to read through my request and ponder the importance of the opinion of a dedicated Strokes fan.
Thank you!

I would love to see lyrics for ANGLES posted as well :]

i like the new one too... but yeah, i'm missing some warren fu work in here...
and THE SOUND EFFECTS! please, i miss them. haha.

Lyrics would be GREAT!

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