Welcome to The Strokes' new site! Enjoy.

May 12

Welcome to The Strokes' new site! Enjoy.

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It would be super if we had the lyrics & more (original) content.
The idea of the strokes' community is very interesting !

houston, we have a problem.

The new site ir great but we need lyrics! Smile Come to Argentina please!!!!!

We need lyrics guys Laughing out loud

We need the lyrics come on boys !



Wow! The new site is excellent... but we wanna all lyrics, including "Angles" please. MEXICO is waiting for you...! :'D! See you soon!

Can we please have the official lyrics to Angles? The older albums' lyrics were great to have for reference as well.

The old one was much better... what about the lyrics ?

Any chance of putting the lyrics to Angles up? That would be amazing

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