Win a Vinyl Test Pressing of "Comedown Machine"

Mar 19

Win a Vinyl Test Pressing of "Comedown Machine"

Win a Vinyl Test Pressing of "Comedown Machine"
Want to win an exclusive vinyl test pressing of "Comedown Machine"? Tweet your favorite track from the record with #ComedownMachine to enter. Stream the album in full now over at Pitchfork Advance and preorder your copy here. More details and rules available here.

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Chances est un bon titre pour ce jeu ! Bon album !

#ComedownMachine One way trigger.

Call It Fate Call It Karma #Comedown Machine

Welcome to Japan!#ComedownMachine

I think this would be so amazing to win here. You will be able to get so much good use from this. The options are endless with this. <a href="">Fly Fishing Blog</a>

So hard to choose only one, but Partners In Crime at the moment, it's such a great/addicting song- This album is my new obsession

All the songs are KILLER! but I'd say one way trigger is my fav!!!! because it reminds me that sometimes it's hard to explain to people who think they're always right that the end has no end and that you might have to take chances for two kinds of happiness OTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3!!!!!!!!! #comebackmachine #ComebackMachine #COMEBACKMACHINE #comebackmachine #comebackmachine!!!!!

50/50 #ComedownMachine

#ComedownMachine Meet me at The Bathroom

#ComedownMachine 50/50

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