This is Ryan's test Post

May 30

This is Ryan's test Post

Posted by strokes_ryan on

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thanks god you are back

woohhoooo viva la new message board! love it already 8-)

This is very exciting. And now I can breathe better at night...

That was a crazy statement, but I won't erase it...

[color=#FF00BF]YAY ! I'm so happy the forum's back :D

Nice to see you guys from hte! :D

and Ryan, I love you[/color]

well , it's fun to see U here Jack
and yes it's cool to detect some kind of life here :D

for real^^

But good on you guys for getting it up and running again, we really really appreciate it!!


this forum hurst my head, need some dividers between posts,x

test reply

Working man!

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