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Does anyone know who directed this video?

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oh my lanta!
i frickin love julian
he is soo stoned in that video.
love him!!!
he looks so different now!

the video ;) is cool!! but the song is a really peace of art!
it says a lot... like the older part... is really innovator the way of all this song and video i havent seem anythig like it!! es la mera vergA!! ;)

hey lads, would anyone happen to know what effect or pedal Valensi uses on this song, I've been looking all over the net and everyone has a different choice, I personally think its one of the Moog's or some type of roland pedal I've seen around but I'm not sure at all, anything official??

You're not the only one... :lol:

This video is cool!

^ I know, I get frustrated too hahaha.

I hate it when I look at the klock and see that it's 12.52

I think this is the band's best video, easily.

^ OH GOD, me too, I always make a wish when I see a clock on 12:51

haha yeah Kanye told Julian he liked "the tron video". i heard somewhere that the video for 12:51 was originally meant to be somewhat of a joke? i don't know. haha julian looks way stoned it though :?

yeah, I usually smile when I see 12:51 anywhere.

lol i always get super excited at the clock too

Is it just me who gets super excited when you look at the clock exactly 12.51? :P

[quote]what is the b-side of this song?[/quote]

The Way It Is (demo version)

Yeah they do have good taste

I think the Coppolas have just good tastes!

[b]What's up with the coppolas' and their obsession with the strokes?
Roman does their music vid's and Sofia does a movie (marie antoinette) that features Whatever Happened.
It's cool though. [/b]

[color=#BF00BF]what is the b-side of this song?[/color]

Yeah, I thought Arctic Monkeys cover was good. It sounds so strange though going from hearing Julian's deep voice to Alex's higher British voice haha. They obviously have good taste in music though.

^ And I would agree. My favorite part of the video is where Julian hits the bass drum timed just right. I wonder why they decided to do a Tron theme for the video, or if it was even the guys' idea.

I agree with robotrocks. Arctic Monkeys Take It Or Leave It is awesome. Except Alex (lead singer) got the guitar solo just a bit wrong. I really like the part in the 12:51 video where Jules smashes the mic stand into the bass drum.

and I think their cover of Take It or Leave It is cute as heck...it's just a cover they played live a few times, not supposed to be revolutionary or anything.

Teddy Picker is also directed by Roman Coppola. I love Arctic Monkeys, but cringed when that awful wannabe-Someday of a video came out. The song is awesome, the video is a direct Strokes rip-off.

Have you heard the Arctic Monkey Strokes cover...they need to be put to shame.

The Someday and Teddy Picker videos do look a lot alike. The part where the Arctic Monkeys were in the bar I was half expecting the opening riff for Someday to just pop in haha.

Kanye kicks ass

Kanye West told Julian he liked the 12:51 video.

yes thankyou i tried to put this to my friend a while ago and he completely disagreed. i thought they were weirdly similar and knew the artics like the strokes' videos but now i know they were both done by the same director it confirms it for sure.

Yeah, son of Francis Ford Coppola. Anyone else notice the similarities between the most recent Arctic Monkeys music video and the Someday video, both directed by Roman?

Roman Coppola

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