an Other section...

Jun 12

an Other section...

Posted by lebarat on

I suggest a spot for other topics like t.v., books, movies and other bands etc. i think that if the board is limited to just the will indeed become a ghost town.

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Yeah, an other section would be good. It'll keep this board a live & kickin'.

I think most message boards end up a ghost town (that's what happened with my old fave forum!), so more sections would be better, like:

Other Bands

Fan Fiction - those are fun! STORIZE! Nothing weird though... maybe an example is: Oh, we won tickets to meet The Strokes! YAY! My friends and I are going to go get ice cream with the baaaannnd, woo!

Pictures - subtopics - The Strokes and Me (for those of you who have met them), The Strokes (post your favorite pictures)

Random Things - can be about anything, other than topics that are actually listed. Like, "Does anyone else like flaming hot cheetos?"

Polls! Polls are fun!

I need to stop suggesting things... I dunno...

think so too... we need a "talk about whatever you want" section thing...

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