Guitar Tone Question

Jun 13

Guitar Tone Question

Posted by theblinding on

So I have been waiting for awhile for this thing to be back, like the rest of us, and was wondering does anyone hhave the old thread that had all the strokes guitar tech the J&H settings etc. If so you will be extinguishing the intense burning that has been festering inside me for the last couple of months, while ive been on the mad search for this info

any help would be rad. thanks

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Heres an e-mail Albert sent to a fan who asked this years ago,
i saved it to my p.c when i heard they were gonna mess around with the message board...

"[b]hey man,

for my sound i use the green jekyll a lot drive at 9 oclock tone 5
oclock volume at is drived at 10.30 tone at 8 eq at 7
volume at 2 oclock

nicks distortion for the end has no end is amp distortion on the neck
pick up with the tone robe rolled all the way off...have fun if u have
any question write back

albert jr.[/b]"

[midday = 12:00 like a clock face]

thanks ,im primarily lookin for the jekyll&Hyde settings if u could be so kind.

I have
Gain at 3
Treble at 8
Mid at 4
Bass at 3
And just a hint of reverb at 2.5ish

It gets me that nice crunchy vintage tone. Or maybe its just my P94 =D

ya hopefully

I thought for some reason that they would be kind enough to keep such vital things for diehard junkie fans like us. lets hope someone can help us out

i do not know this but i desperately need it to

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