NYC Cops V.S When It Started

Jun 13

NYC Cops V.S When It Started

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[b]yep, this song makes wnat to shout with Julian .. so much energy[/b]

NYC Cops for sure, one of the best tunes on the LP (Euro version of course). I dig When It Started, but NYC Cops is badass, especially the pre-chorus part, choice!

NYC cops cause its just awsome and true....just a tad.....and when it started is "ok" :ugeek:

New York City Cops is soo much better i think...

"ahh :!: ... i mean, ah :!: :!: i didn't mean that at all!"

This is pretty funny and shows hows what talented songwriters The Strokes are...
As we know they took NYC cops off the album because of 9/11, so Jules had to scrape together When It Started in like one day and the band had to learn and record it straight away.
Its funny because a song that Jules wrote in one day is better (according to some) than one he may have spent a while writing...

I like When It Started because Julian lengthens almost every word in the chorus but New York City Cops is just one of those epic songs that makes you feel ... umm good.

Damn they're both equally good

tough one. i think NYCC is a far stronger song and if it wasnt for 9/11 when it started would have been one of the lost treasures so it probably edges it on that. but being british i havent listened to when it started to such an extent as the other so i kind of like it more in that way.

"Nyc cops" has more action drive in it! compared to "When it started" WIS feels more like a story
is being told shake your worries.

and I also think that 9/11 has a fair share to do with "when it started". I mean it is the 9th song out of 11 tracks.??? :oops:

nyc cops is better. when it started is kind of forgettable.

When It Started because it was the first Strokes song I heard. 8-)

i totally vote for NYCC, i love julian's little shouts in the intro :) (<- these smileys freak me out a bit)
when it started is pretty good too though...

"even thouhg it was only one ngiht it was fucking strange"

NYC Cops obviously, When It Started is good but a weaker song and never would have existed anyway if not for 9/11...think about it, When It Started exists, because of 9/11. At least that's what I think I remember..because they had to do it really quick in the studio immediately after so they could take Cops off the album.

i would choose new york city cops because i like when the strokes perform it live, i especially liked it when they performed it at the summersonic festival in '03

I would say When It Started by a mile- don't get me wrong, NYC Cops is a great song too, but I find Nikolai's bass work on When It Started to be fantastic.

Awww, your son is adorable, Nat. :D

I hate to choose, but I'd say New York City Cops. I guess it's just more my style and upbeat and exciting, but they're two completely different songs so I like them for different reasons.

[b]he has shorter hair now but he's still a strokes fan ;), his second fav is " cartoon music ..."from Albert's album [/b]

He's so cute!

[b]i don't think one is better but I have a thing for NYCC coz it's my baby's fav ;) and still now :lol:

I'd say When It started because I like Nick's guitar solo on WIS more than his solo on NYCC. But thats like asking me to decide between pepperoni and cheese
(can you tell which one is which?) They both have different qualities that make them awesome.

I choose NYC Cops. It's the first that I've heard, I really love that song! It's one of my favorite in the first album.
But When It Started is a great song too! The choice is so cruel! Both of the songs are awesome.

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