Jun 13


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[b]such a "cool" video....
it always makes me smile

one of the best remedy to prescribe for depressed people IMO


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the someday video is my favorite video of all time. I love jules to death but hes not always the best at dancing and some things can kind of look a little awkward sometimes (who am i to talk i did an attempt at the moonwalk god knows how many years ago at my school dance and knocked over two peoples drinks all over them, me, and the floor and spent the next 15 minutes on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor : P ) but i like how in the someday video everything is so natural - its just them hanging out, being unnaturally and unhumanly cool. Also, i love that bit from Family Feud with Guided by Voices and searched the internet for hours trying to find a full version (no luck : ( ) i just love how its so natural and theres no forced, awkard dancing. I LOVE U JULIAN - MARRY ME? i just wanted to add that extra part haha but that offer is legit jules if youre reading this COME TO BUFFALO AND MARRY ME

I know you just said it was for the video only.
But is there a chance of ever seeing that show with The Strokes and GbV?
Somewhere to find that episode or clip?

i love the family feud part!
but sadley it was only for the video.
i love this video because it just kinda shows who they really are and it just makes me happier cuz they do alot of funny things.
and i like how they didnt make a big fancy video like everyone else!
they were just beein themselves! and i love themselves!!!
favorite video!

I love this video. It's so relaxing in a way.

the 1st sing i herd and video i saw

and someday is my favourite song and video

its very fun video
but for the must elaborated video is the one of "u only live onces"
any way is a a really refreshing video of those that kind of shows u the way they drink....
i like the part of the contest and the lyrics are great... also the people involve are so unsuspected on this video

Such a nostalgic video. That's its power. Nostalgia.

Love this video, feel happy already

^ I know, that would have been hilarious haha.

I wish they made a full show of family feud with the strokes and guided by voices

god, in 20 years we are all going to look back on the Strokes and all the cool things they did (i.e this video) and miss them a lot. so we should really appreciate them fully while they're sill making music.

I love the song, and the video.
lol, me and my twin brother used to make fun of Richard karn, I think it's hilarious how he's in this vid.

[b]Guided by voices and slash :)[/b]

That's the first Strokes' video I've ever seen. I found it really funny, cool and original. Great video with special guests!

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