The Strokes and Barack Obama

Jun 14

The Strokes and Barack Obama

Posted by musicsnob on

Would be perfecrt together.
Can the Strokes just join the bandwagon and announce their support for Barack Obama already?

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I would probably like The Strokes less if they were openly supporting Obama...I don't really know why. I have nothing against him... I didn't really have a preference this election. I'm not old enough to vote so I really didn't play much attention. For some reason, though, the idea just seems funny. It doesn't fit.

First off, That picture of Terrence Oglesby from Clemson is hilarious, but I go to Clemson and he's a cool dude... always says whats up whenever I see him at the dining halls unlike most athletes.

Secondly, I think this Strokes quote will answer your question, "...we could drag it out, but that's for other bands to do."


i'm sorry?

[quote="tika_b"]He should rap in their next single.[/quote]

thats not funny. if anything. thats cold man

He should rap in their next single.

i bet they're voting for obama but they'd probably keep that private to avoid conflict. i mean thats really personal.

fo real man. keep it about the music. you never fell in love w/ the strokes b/c who they said they'd vote for. the message is back up since i don't know when, and all u have to talk about the strokes is barak obama?

come on.... We need talk about music and the band..

ehemmm the strokes and politic...hard to imagine but it could be...