Favourite Guitar Lick

Jun 14

Favourite Guitar Lick

Posted by Jonasalmen on

Shoo Brothers and sisters!

i just like to know witch of Strokes guitar Lick/Riff or Solo do you like the most?

For me Nicks Synth-a-like guitar playing in 12:51 is probably my favourite IF NOT Alberts Solo In Ize of the World Would exist ;) . As a guitarist i can say that its a very complicated Solo and not like those ordinary blues solo that you figure out your self by just following a scale... So i go for the ize of the world solo.

SO how about you? :D

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mines is the solo of the rhythm song

The solo in Ize Of The World is so awesome!

But the solo in Vision Of Division is crazy though!!

IF you go to this link

You'll find the solo of Alone Together, but as Nick plays over the years he gets better, so in this live verrsion he put a little twist on it and made it harder, but soooo fun to play once you get it down. I tabbed it by ear if anyone is interested.

The new fancy harder part of the solo is at 24 seconds!

Then I'd say I like playing The End Has No End, then I Can't Win, then Reptilia, where I'm in the process of tabbing by ear this much modified version of the solo(I got bored of the regular one) it starts at 2:10 [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeqvUSZ1gBM&feature=related[/url]


You only live once takes it for me. One of the catchiest chord progressions and really fun to play. :D

I instantly think of reptilia then the end has no end. I also like heart in a cage, ize of the world, and vision of division....

razorblade's solo makes me feel happy when i play it on guitar and modern age rules too !

vision of division and modern age solos for sure.

i play guitar too. reptilia, even tho its SO EASY i still like it. and the main riff for the end has no end

Umm...this may be kinda outa nowhere but Nick? I think its Nick but the little guitar solo in What Ever Happened?. It's short and sweet and it also sounds so awsome. Other than that Juicebox, Heart in a Cage, Modern Age and Alone,Together because they're all insane:P

I'm sorry, I've forgotten to mention Vision Of Division...

Wtf how do you expect me just to pick one?
basically like all the songs... I'll spare you from me listing them (well nearly all.)

[color=#BF00BF]I like
nick's solo in Alone together
albert's solo in VOD and Ize of the world[/color]

i cant play it, but most definitely heart in a cage. the descending scale after the 2nd intro riff sends chills.

12:51! It's so easy to learn and play lol

[size=150]C'mon people. All those guitar licks are great but...[/size]
[size=200]Albert's solo in Under Control[/size]

I must agree with [b]dens[/b] with the end of alone together. best solo is no doubt Albert's solo in VOD.

Some of my favorites are Nick's main parts in 12:51 and Reptilia, Albert's Ize of the World solo, and both of their guitars harmonizing together in Red Light. Oh, and the guitar riff during the "Oh dear is it really all true?" part in What Ever Happened. Reptilia's probably my favorite to play.

And while slightly off topic, I'd say my favorite bass lines are Is This It, the chorus of Reptilia, chorus of Between Love & Hate, and On The Other Side.

I gues the modern age solo is just amazing!!

N i like also Vision of division solo...


at the end of alone together, i saw one video when julian doesn't sings this part"The first time, it happened too fast
The second time, I thought it would last,We all like it a little different..."
the guitar sound sooo freakin awsome!!

I find "Heart In A Cage"'s intro fantastic! The solo in Ize Of The World is great too.

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