chatroom SURVIVORS !

Jun 14

chatroom SURVIVORS !

Posted by Kafel on

So, otan forced me to create this subject.

Post here if you want to meet again people from the dead chatroom.

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You? Naughty? Ha! I doubt if you have a naughty bone in your body, so I'm inclined to believe the story about the password.

I couldn't remember my password, that was [i]hell[/i].

Or maybe I've been banned because I've been naughty ?

So why did you change/alter your user name, Kafel? (Or should it be -Kafel- ?)


i dont recognize any of your usernames but mine was I Live!!! XD

kaidow is fine, quite busy maybe.

'sup nerdy ?

that's so typical of Kafel, blaming other ppl about his bad ideas... well... this is not a bad idea !! so, I'm sure it was Otan's... so, I'd love to talk again with Clyde and Kaidow.. where are you girls ?! : (

Survivors, eh? Washed ashore from the virtual ocean that was the Strokes chat. Well, hi anyways.

hi all its a stinking fuckin hot thundery night here in NYC
sorry to sound lame and out f touch with whats been happenin with the strokes but who is the new or temp strokes guitarist?


i was just about to say that you're really charming tonight kaf.... now i think you suck!

love you anyway :)

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