Albert Hammond produced new band!!!

Jun 15

Albert Hammond produced new band!!!

Posted by TheVelvetMaster on

Yo yo yo,
Did anyone catch this. Albert produced this new NYC band -the Postelles- new song called "123 Stop." I heard it's his first time producing.

I saw it here.

Thought it was a cool song, definitely something good to listen to before the Strokes 4th, guess they met in NYC.

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Yeah, i like their songs a lot. Wonder if Albert will produced more

Honestly I don't like the band.. they're just a bunch of strokes wanna-be's :oops:

Oooh, I love that! Thanks for sharing

Oh yeah i read about that on the modern age a while back.
they're pretty good!
and 123 stop is their best song ive heard so... way to go albert :D