Arctic monkeys cover!

Jun 15

Arctic monkeys cover!

Posted by dens on

i don't like this at all!!
the voice is just not right for this song!
what do you guys think?

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I actually like this cover a lot. It's like little kids doing the Strokes. :lol:

i don't like the cover you're right the voice is not the right for that song
i love more the original song

Woops, forgot to say in my last post but I think The Strokes should tour with Arctic Monkeys! 'That would kick some major ass!' (Stealing the words from some commenter on Youtube lol) and I'd pay all the money I have (200 bucks lol) to see that right upfront!

well it depends if you like Arctic Monkeys. For me, I love both versions. If it weren't for that cover I probably wouldn't know about The Strokes yet! But I like the original more obviously, I still like that cover though. It works. And I like Arctic Monkeys too (2nd fave to the Strokes) so yeah. :P