Nick Valensi Riviera

Jun 15

Nick Valensi Riviera

Posted by ninjahray on

Has anybody had experience with this guitar? I sooo close to buying it but I wanna know more about it.

- What's the neck profile?
- How are the lows and highs of the guitar?
- What's the weight of the guitar? Because I play live sometimes and I wanna prepare myself for a wide strap.

Thanks for your answers!

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well my casino tends to squeal with any amount of distortion but handles light overdrive okay, i would go for the Riviera.

Yea I'm pretty much ready to pull for the riviera. But I have been looking into the casino lately and also fell in love with it too :( Help!

Awesome, i've got an Epiphone casino :D

Epiphone Hollowbodies in general are pretty fun, and you've got good company:

Looks like the Nick model is the real deal (made for quality instead of cost).


Grover Rotomatic
[u]Fingerboard[/u]: Rosewood/Parallelograms
[u]Neck[/u]: 1-pc Mahogany, 22 fret
[u]Neck Joint[/u]: Set, 14th fret
[u]Nut[/u]: 1-5/8", Bone
[u]Scale[/u]: 24-3/4"
[u]Top[/u]: 5-Ply Maple
[u]Back[/u]: 5-Ply Maple
[u]Sides[/u]: 5-Ply Maple
[u]Rhythm PU[/u]: Gibson P-94
[u]Treble PU[/u]: Gibson P-94
[u]Controls[/u]: 2-V, 2-T; 3-Way Pickup Selector
[u]Hardware[/u]: Nickel
[u]Finishes[/u]: Antique Natural


the Nick Valensi edition Riviera has P94-R and P94-T pickups which sound awesome! something not found on normal Riviera's.

this guitar it's awesome! i have the normal one not the vintage like nick valensi , but is the same guitar,
and the guitar is absolutely great! in all aspects the hardware is very good talking about quality!, and yes it's heavy! but you get use to it! and the sound it's just right !but it all depend in the amp!