my drive thru

Jun 16

my drive thru

Posted by LoveThe_Chucks on

Has anybody else downloaded this only to find that the file doesn't open? And if so...figured out how to fix it?

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I think there is just too much going on. The music is cool, but like I said kind cluttered. Not terrible, but obviously not the Strokes.

Well, the song is kind OK; the better of it definitely is Julian's voice. But what really worths is the pic... Julian looks so good... He looks very very hot !!

yeah this kinda sucks, i hate loops and r'n'b. trying to keep an open mind and all that but i'm pretty sure this won't grow on me. If Pharrell could stay the hell away from the Strokes' studio while they record the 4th album, that would be much appreciated.

Great, thanks for that. I agree, the song's a bit... "blah".

Thank you very much. Yeah I would've expected more of the collaboration, but it's not bad or anything.
[color=#BF00BF]here you can download

my opinion: I don't like the song, I expected something better[/color]

I know what you mean, it didn't work for me either. If anyone feels like being kind to everyone else, you should upload it for us using yousendit or something.

Where did you try? ? ... seems pretty easy juss click download song from home page ... uhmm :roll:

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