Album Name???

Jun 16

Album Name???

Posted by mrkipper on

Thankfully new albums sounds promising...BUT...any rumors/suggestions on its name?

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It was obvious, that it would be called "Angles".

New album name should be 'California?What?'

I have a good feeling that the new record will be epic!!
Maybe for a name they could use; Rock n Roll for the hip Soul, or Sending your body to the street, or even better, Animals on record singing about something they once felt! Or "theres no one we disapprove of more or root for them ourself! but thats mostly off of angles. Either way it could be called leaky trash bag and it would still rule, best band ever!



[i]Happy Days[/i] of course!

The Strokes- The Strokes. :roll:

on all fours

im thinking what about "Before the Beggining"

yeah lol that's an amazing performance.

and yes i hope your right, looking forward too it

^^ I think everyone on this forum has seen that performance on youtube, lol. I mean they had to be fucking wild and crazy becasue they were new and fresh and had to keep the crowd going.


[quote="SARAH B"]Sorry To Keep You Waiting, but Wasn't it Worth it?[/quote]

i'm starting to have my doubts..

personally i'm almost more interested in if they'll be taking the stage still acting or at least looking completely disinterested at the performance, although they improved this facor during FIOE touring...
i saw a concert at Arlene Grocery and they were fuckin wild way back when...

self titled

Sorry To Keep You Waiting, but Wasn't it Worth it?

tables they turn sometimes

hahaha I like 'About Time.'

No its not supposed to be called Phrazes For The Young that's Julians debut solo albums name...or alter ego..well it's directly associated with JUST Julian in particular. No news on the real album name for the strokes.

I think it was going to be called "Phrazes for the Young"

How De Body! New to the Forum :)

[i][b]Sign Language[/b][/i] is a good title for any band. I always liked, [i][b]"It Was Never Yours"[/b][/i] for either a song or an album.


The Strokes

(self-titled album)

They would have to make it epic though

Good Stuff Guys 8-)

Is That It
Is This The First Impressions of the Room On Fire
These days
We swear It Wont be as bad as first impressions
About Time

album name suggestion- "Where Are The Strokes?"

[quote="el chido"]Sign Language is a good title for the album[/quote]

I actually like that.

[quote="pozhiin"]i DONT like "old attitude"

its not creative and it sounds like what the jonas brothers would name their album. C'mon STROKES!!
name it something like idk... maybe just put nothing at all and call it The STrokes! just The strokes. dont fuk it up[/quote]

I don't like it either. I hope that's not true. I'm inclined to doubt Wikipedia. Which is a first. I never doubt their knowledge when it comes to essays for school. Hah. I feel like Julian wouldn't like Old Attitude either. Kinda cheesy, cliche, expected. I trust The Strokes to choose a great album name that none of us could predict.

1.Where is everyone seeing this rumored "Old Attitude"...sources!
2. Information on Wikipedia has a very large chance of being complete bullshit, especially in the case of speculative information like this.
3. Come on? You really read this and thought, "Yeah this could to be the title of the next album"

I'm tired of speculating, I wish they'd just release an album name already...

[quote="inestorrens"]what does melting down mean?? i'm not american either british..[/quote]

for example to heat and make a scrap metal into blocks, change from solid to liquid by heating...i don't know how explain u...

are u spanish?? for your nickname, i say...then "fundir, fusión, fusionando" ..mmh i think ...hehe

[quote="inestorrens"]what does melting down mean?? i'm not american either british..[/quote]

for example to heat and make a scrap metal into blocks, change from solid to liquid by heating...i don't know how explain u...

are u spanish?? for you nickname, i say...then "fundir, fusión" ..mmh i think ...hehe

what does melting down mean?? i'm not american either british..

[quote="CitiesToVapori"]How about What Ever Happened?


Melting Down[/quote]

tempus hell

I changed my mind
a cool name would be: Sekorts Eht

there's never an end?

this is it :)

This Is It

How about What Ever Happened?


Melting Down

What about "Fourth Depression of Heart" ?


I dunno why but when i say it it always becomes "addidude".

i guess i have a tongue problem..

at tit u de.

I dislike "Old Attitude"
mostly because i have difficultly to pronounce the word "attitude".. haha

Ghee hee hee...
I WANT TO MEET ALL OF YOU IF YOU USE THIS!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!! no shitting tho please... i will try not to as well. :shock:

There's really no way to predict it. I'm just eager to find out. Anything I fathom will sound ideas can't compare. Also, their titles are so simple and vague, which I like better than those bands who try to make their album titles seem deep and profound... they just end up sounding dumb to me. There's something nice about those simplistic album names that really have no pattern, no way to decode them. They're just as they are, nothing more to it, no complicated analyzing required. Basic yet intriguing, almost as if they transcend beyond what we can consciously recognize as significant.

well since the album names all kind of go in order maybe after first impressions of earth it should be this earth isnt so bad. or. not what we expected or something along the lines of that. lolz. FUCK YEAH THE STROKES!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

Never mind the Bollucks here's the Strokes!


"Old Attitude" might mean Julian is going to start writing songs like he did with "is this it" and "room on fire" and go back to their don't give a F*** attitude, but only a thought. Also, I think that self- titling might idk signal an end to them being a band.

[quote="air_port"]No it wouldn't.
You guys agree on a self titled album?[/quote]

No it wouldn't.
You agrees on a self titled album?

Sign Language is a good title for the album

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