The Fan Club

Jun 16

The Fan Club

Posted by Jonasalmen on


So! I have some thoughs about the fanclub. I just wonder if it still exists? and if it does how do i do to join? shall i just send a letter with my name and address or something like it says in the "is This It" and "Room On Fire" cd,s?

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They haven't sent anything in a while. I guess as they start working on a new album we will be getting some info, but who know when. I mean how long ago did they say the board would be back up, it's up but four months late. So just relax and they'll send you information as soon as it's available.

[color=#BF00BF]I joined the mailing list long time ago
nobody sends me nothing[/color]

[b]just click on " mailing list" (red button at the bottom in the website) then you click on the "stamp" you want and you enter your email address ...
after that you'll receive mails (from time to time) from wiz kid mgmt[/b]

So to sign up the newsletter should i send a letter to the address? do i have to write anything in that letter?

[b]the official fanclub ( alone together) is now dead , replaced by a newsletter [/b]

alow everbody!!!
i have fans club tehs strokes in Mexico!!!

i know i would like to know too!