The End Has No End

Jun 16

The End Has No End

Posted by the_pale_thin_girl on

I love this song in particular, because it's the first I've heard from The Strokes.

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RYAN GENTLES. Laughing out loud

this is the first time i notice but i think albert is using a white les paul in the video, but correct me if i´m wrong... this is the second time that he uses a les paul in a video that i remember, i can just think of this one and juicebox with the black Gibson Les Paul.

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wow, nice interpretation of the video! hah i had no idea.
maybe its also showing that the band would rather be underground than mainstream? idk

that girl from that 70s show is Mla Kunis... and personally i think she's way hotter than Eva.

[quote="dens"]EVA MENDEZ 8-)[/quote]
Hell Yes. ;)

Also the Chic from that 70's show :?:
Did you know that one of Albert's top friends on myspace is one of the dudes from that 70's show :?:

Ok so this video seems to have some symbolism to it. Here's my 2 pennies.

It's about one guy and the two different ways he can go with his life. On way is with the good job and the hot chick (Eva Mendes) - but who will be high maintenance and leave him in the end.

The other way is with the not-so-hot-chick (from that 70s Show) but who really digs him.

So like, the two different ways are symbolized when he's in the room with the mirrors - half clean shaven, half scruffy. The Corporate World or the Underground.

In the Corporate World he can get the good job where he wears a suit, but where the old boss will bitch him out for falling asleep...or he can just stay on the couch watching girls gone wild on tv where he can take a nap whenever he wants. The Underground. So "real" life is just like one assignment after the other - graduation, marriage, a job etc etc >> The end has no end.

From the way the video ends it's like the message is, keep it on the Underground.

Because it seems like the star shaped light thing that appears throughout the vid is death ( a la 2001, a Space Odyssey). When it comes for him in the room when he's old and alone - after taking the hot chick, corportate way - he slumps down. But when it comes for him when he's just chilling on the couch, scruffy, he just looks away.

Yes, I have way too much time on my hands to be breaking down music videos like I'm writing an essay for school. Insomnia and shit... :roll:




haha i guess so, heres a pic of Ryan behind the scenes...


I bought Is This It first, because First Impression Of Earth wasn't relased...

But we're supposed to talk about the video, not about me... :lol:

awesome :) which way did you go after you heard it? is this it or FIOE?

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