Thanks for the help, let me help you

Jun 16

Thanks for the help, let me help you


I am listening to your music lateley and I found out that there is a lot of truth in your lyrics. So I was wondering have you defined some things that make us what we are.
I cannot hide my true intensions or what I am so this is going to be as honest as I am.
Inteligence – the abbility to create something new, to invent something new never done before.
Wisdom – affirmed inteligence by other people, something that works and other people start using it.
Divine – Always say the truth now matter how hard it is and tell it to everyone, lets say that`s why Jessus was killed.

I belive in myself, mother Earth the Sun, stars, some forces that cannot be seen with our eyes (magnetic force etc.) and the and good people around me.

I was thinking to start my own band and to use your mellody with my words.
What do you think about that, would I have some legal issues with you around it, I really wouldn`t like that. I am from Croatia so our songs would be in our language. I was wondering would you ever be in Croataia becouse I would be one of the first to buy the ticket and make a lot of people to come and enjoy your music.
There is a little wish that I have, to meet you guys and talk to you.

If you would like to say anything to me feel free to write at my e-mail.
And just for you guys:
Good is stronger than evil.
Truth is stronger than a lie.

Be good and it will be returned with goodnes.
People say that that your band is dead and I listened to your last song: I Can't Win.
There is onley one thing that we have to say from the goodnes of our hearths NO SURRENDERING if we surrender evil will win.
It is sad to say that wars are fought so there could be Peace don’t let the irony stop you, bring us more harmony with your beautyfull songs, give me Divine power I need you my dear friends.
ROCK&ROLL – for eternity, that’s why you are here for and don’t forget that.
You will never be forgothen! You give me meaning in life when im loosing my mind in all the thoughts, you help me focus. Help us all, help the world thrust me YOU CAN.

Your friend,
Davor Bosner

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