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[color=#BF00BF]well, I really love this song,
the letter reaches me deeply
Does mean anything to you?[/color]

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Hmm, I love that songs,
[i]You belong on the Radio [/i](8)[/color]:D

Mexicanos: [url]http://www.fotolog.com/x_strokebreen[/url]


I really love the way this song sounds. I never get bored listening to it over and over agian! Man, The Strokes are awesome....

Take them to the water, make them understand that they were wrong.

When they said FIOE or El is shit.

Has anyone seen the movie "Starman" with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen? It's from 1984 or thereabouts, and like "First Impressions of Earth" is about an alien visiting earth for the first time...I hadn't seen it for years and watched it the other day. During the movie, the starman's theme played at key moments (a recognizable musical passage, in classical terms called a "leitmotif"), and the leitmotif sounded alot like the musical "chorus" of Electricityscape. It made me wonder if Julian Casablancas was influenced by this movie and was referencing this leitmotif....

To me the sound of the song just gets to me and makes me think, you know? :|

I always thought that iit talked about julian and alcohol

"Take me to the water make understand i was wrong"

sounds like something an alien would say. lol.
just kidding!! :mrgreen:

its a basic statement pertaining to how its like outside........maybe Manhattan u could really get lost in the big city :ugeek:

nice names guys xD

i do love this song live :)

that song reminds me of rain... but its called electricityscape so idk if thats a good idea haha. anyways the song.. is refreshing.

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