CHECK THIS!: Julian+ pharell song New

Jun 17

CHECK THIS!: Julian+ pharell song New

Posted by Andwooh on

Hi everyone, nice to have a new message board, I was automatic_stop_ before ^_^

but yeh, this isn't a lie, I didn't know about this until today , So i figured I'll post it on here

Converse wanted a song , and asked pharell and santagold (some girl like m.i.a) and Julian!

and this is it
its different
I do quiet like it tho

Just seems fun, and nice to hear him in a completly different context


and sorry if its been posted before

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ah yeh i see it has been posted before
sorry i didn't look
but eh i'll leave this here
cos I didn't notice the song from coming on this forum , so some ppl might not know

take care ppl