Musical Influences for Their Songs

Jun 18

Musical Influences for Their Songs

Posted by adonis on

Hi guys, just wanted to start a thread on bands/songs that influenced the sound of The Strokes

Missing Persons: "Mental Hopscotch"

Tom Petty: "American Girl"

The Nerves/Blondie: "Hanging on the Telephone"

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yeah and nick said he didn't liked television
also julian on another interview ironically said he has been hearing a lot of television lately, then the interviewer said " wow, I think you didn't liked the band" then julian said he listens to his real T.V. when he's getting dressed.

about Television, in an interview Nick did in argentina he said that he didn't hear from television till the media said that they were influenced by them, then he started to listen to them

Herpecin L
The Notebook
Ghost Whisperer
Vitamin Water

Don't forget The Clash. Hell, they influenced just about everyone.

Yeah, definitely punk bands, like The Ramones. There is a whole list on wiki probably. :D

On the punk side, The Ramones and Television certainly influenced The Strokes.

Some more influences:

Iggy Pop and the Stooges: "Gimme Danger"

Velvet Underground: "I'm Waiting for the Man"

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