Vote for the Strokes!! make history!

Jun 20

Vote for the Strokes!! make history!

Posted by andy on

NME Radio will launch in afew days so we gota vote for last night to be the first ever song played on it!!


i guess if you just give the strokes a 10 and the others low scores then theres more of a chance... :D

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Ups... I already voted about 20 times, but the strokes are at the bottom !!

It's between Muse and Oasis...

The Strokes were 8th yesterday, I don't know what happened...

:| we are loosing! damn muse!

They're 20th! There's no chance for them to win... :cry:

I'm voting for McCain.

My votes in for Last Nite!! Hope They get 1st!

I totally agre Jonasalmen, Muse is so overrated!

we have to "win"!

although I wouldn't be angree if Blur or The Beatles win, because they deserve it, but of course I want the strokes to win!

Hate that they wrote Last Night

i hope everyone on this site vote a 10 for the strokes... its our duty to make history...

I would puke if Muse wins... The most overated and worst band ever... :evil:

Oh no, they've slipped down in the ranks. :(


or more direct route.