Where can I get a copy of the Strokes Fan Club DVD?

Jun 20

Where can I get a copy of the Strokes Fan Club DVD?

Posted by kindofblue27 on

and what was the tracklisting? Any help would be much appreciated!

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I have a dvd with many live footage as well as some music videos. I got that from another fan. Not sure where he got if from.

eBay, eBay, eBay.

it's where i got my Modern Age EP from and the concert ticket to go see them in 2006, good times.

erm no there isn't a concert dvd.

However, a while ago (around ROF times) a unofficial strokes is this it cover cd came out. I thought i was pretty random seeing as they had only been around for a couple years when it came out.

I wasn't talking about In Transit, I thought I heard about a concert DVD? Was there one and if so, what was on it?

If it's In Transit you're looking for, you can find a thread on http://www.torrentz.com/3bb480acbd6abcd80c932c3bf37062808f5689b4 and download it, put it in your itunes and watch it on your ipod. ;) ...hook the ipod up to your tv and you've got a nice full screen. You can also put it on disc but that requires knowlegde I do not have.


[quote="Celtic Thunder"]Porn. I'm not even kidding.[/quote]
man!! i been tracking all your posts! are a normal man?

Porn. I'm not even kidding.

what's on the dvd?

It only came out in limited quantities back when the Alone, Together Fan Club was still together.
I have a copy of mine but I don't want to rip it onto my computer for fear of damaging it. The only place you can really get the ACTUAL dvd is on ebay I think. Some guy from the old MB used to rip and and copy it and send it out for free so maybe he'll show up on here someday.

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