Anybody kno' any Strokes look-a-likes?....for a laugh...

Jun 22

Anybody kno' any Strokes look-a-likes?....for a laugh...

Posted by Von on

[color=#FF0000]Thought it'd be funny for ppl who think they look like a Stroke or know of anyone looks like a Stroke to post pictures.... juss for a laugh, go-on it'll be funny...

I met a guy in Paris who looked the double of Ryan G, once I figure how to post photos on this new site I'll post em'...[/color]

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I used to know a guy in highschool who looked a WHOLE lot like Julian.
He grew out of it though.

I saw a albert hammond jr-look alike, but I think he could be him, because his mother lives in Argentina and maybe he came to visit her

agus brother looks like julian,hahaha, she could really be julian's sister

Well, yesterday I saw a boy who looked juuust like Fab, and then I realized that he had a Coca Cola t-shirt! Now I think there's a really really small possibility that it might have been him, but, what the hell was he doing in a subway in Buenos Aires?