silent film of the strokes

Jun 22

silent film of the strokes

Posted by brittany on

well at least i think it is silent unless my speakers are broken, ha. i have never seen this, has anyone else?

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NIIIICKK. my god he is dead sexy. although it kinda is awkward since nothing is really happening.

yeah I saw it when it first came out. and no your speakers aren't broken it is actually silent. i can only watch the silent strokes for so long...

Hello to all fans,
Well, this "film" looks to me like they shot video while they were doing a photo shoot. Sound would be nice, since the guys are always funny, although Jules looks very tired. Can't wait for the 4th cd and the tour. I wish Ryan would post SOMETHING, giving us a clue as to when this will possibly happen! Good to read all the threads and everyone thoughts - all things STROKES. I miss them so much.[color=#800080][code][code][/code][/code][/color]
All for now...
Purple Canoe