The Sun told me that Albert is f-ing Agyness Deyn

Jun 23

The Sun told me that Albert is f-ing Agyness Deyn

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Weeks after splitting from PADDINGTONS rocker JOSH HUBBARD she has pulled ALBERT HAMMOND JR of THE STROKES.
It’s like trading a Vauxhall Nova for a Porsche.
The supermodel was showing off her rock ’n’ roll upgrade at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards in New York on Thursday night.
Earlier this week a bandmates from the FIVE O’CLOCK HEROES let slip that she had a new fella called Albert during filming for Channel 4 show The Nokia Green Room.
Steptoe and Einstein are a bit too old for her, so it could only be one man.
You can see Agy being quizzed about her new bloke during the telly interview by clicking on the player below.(Go to to see the video)
Agy can be seen with a massive grin on her face as she gleefully recalls her “fantastic week” with the “mystery” man.

A source on the show told me Agy was going ga-ga about her new guitarist fella after the cameras had stopped rolling. He said: “Agyness’s eyes lit up when she spoke about Albert.
“Our production team guessed it was Hammond when she mentioned The Strokes in another conversation.

She’s normally very laid back but I don’t think she was too happy with her bandmate for landing her in it during filming. She knew she had been busted.”
New Yorker Hammond is right up rock chick Agy’s street.

The Strokes are one of the best bands of the last decade.
Rockers and supermodels go together like NAOMI CAMPBELL and tantrums.
Catwalk queen Agy — dubbed the new KATE MOSS — is hot property in the fashion world. Her work means she is in Albert’s back yard more than she is back home. She was snapped shopping for shoes in the Big Apple on Thursday.

She ruled New York Fashion Week and has fronted campaigns for top fashion houses Burberry and Giorgio Armani.
She recently hurled herself from a building in the nude for a daring photoshoot for fashion bible Pop magazine and she topped this year’s Tatler magazine Best Dressed List.
Now she has a fella who will propel her fame even further.
He might even be able to help her singing career.
Not bad work from a lass who was serving fish and chips in Lancashire not too many years ago.

Jealousy aside (I'm not sure whether I'm jealous of Albert or of Aggy....I kid, I kid! I'm totes hetero) I think this is a really hot couple. Good for them if it's true.

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