Albert Changed Religions for Nick's Sake?

Jun 26

Albert Changed Religions for Nick's Sake?

Posted by adonis on

"The Glasgow Daily Record reports The Strokes star Albert Hammond Jr. converted to Judaism so bandmate Nick Valensi wouldn't be the only Jew in the band, and soon found his new religion had advantages. He revealed: ''I told a guy I was Jewish in LA. I discovered this whole secret world. He even got me laid that night.''

That's friendship!

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haha damn! i wanna be jew now!

he just wanted 8 days of presents.

It seems a little extreme to just up and change religion for a band mate.
And I don't think any preist/rabbi would let someone be part of their church for such a reason.

However, it does bring the lolz :lol:

Albert for president!

that's cool for Albert.. I think he'd like a new vision of life..