Julian when he was 15!!!

Jun 26

Julian when he was 15!!!

Posted by leinies gal on

omg i found this website which shows julian in 1994

sorry the website is really long, but if you scroll down, you can see his picture

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julian ROCKS. that picture is so funny

woah!!!!! his hair looks way better now!!! :D

I guess.

seriously is this thread still circulating around

aww i love his eyes...they're so big XD

i hav seen that picture so many times!
he is adorable

omgosh! thats really him! woah! he looks really skinny&tall...i didnt recognize him for a bit...lol
what website is this? its like julian's fan site of obsessive peeps who post every picture of him...lol jk...but really, is this like his fan site or something?

this foreigner at my school looks like him, i'm in love

you forgot some



haha that'd be great if it really was him

[quote="seshat"]I just happened upon a few more of Julian...



Is that Julian? The irony...

I just happened upon a few more of Julian...





I've already seen that picture on facebook.

Julian doesnt seem to be 15, he's expression makes him look like a young adult (it's praticly the same as now). Only his hair makes him seem a little young.

lol!!!!!!!!!! he looks queer!!

but glad that he is such a hottie!! :P

I bet he smelled good, too.

i think if you go on that link on the first page near the top their is a picture of a woman an a boy and underneath it says someone and 9 year old julian, uno if its him. kinda looks like him

Aw, he still looks the same haha. He definitely looks way older than 15, but at least we can tell he ages well. Luckily, he grew out of that haircut though haha. Now it'd be really interesting to see a picture of him when he was like 8 or something.

[quote="Celtic Thunder"]It's weird that he had better skin in his teens than he does as an adult.[/quote]

The models gave him proper skin care advice back then.

It's weird that he had better skin in his teens than he does as an adult.

I think its very sweet:) he dont looks like he was 15 there i can say that he looks like 18;)

purple canoe-
i found it by accident haha
i was just looking at julian casablancas pictures and somehow i clicked on a link, and there it was! haha :D

p.s. i have a new name, just in case if you were wondering why im a dif. person haha

LAWL That was the year I saw born.
everythings working in that pic except his hair, haha.
damn hes tall!

[color=#800080]Thank you so much for this pic. I was waiting for someone to find a pic of Jules in his teens. To me, Julian can do no wrong, he looks cute/hot/handsome in all pics, but to see him circa. 1994. Classic. Where did you ever find this? Please reply and thanks again for posting this pics.


hah i was wondering how you post pictures, it only lets me post a link

just to save time...


he was still beautiful :D

AWESOME! that was the best picture ever! now that's what im talking about. find more stuffs like that!!!

soo 90's! the hair, the clothes

he was really really skinny!

The guy standing in the pic is Sergio Mattos, a talent agent from Brazil. Dunno who the woman is.

[b]Hot haircut.[/b]

So Cute!!

I'm glad his hair got better though :D

[color=#008000]oh!!! his hair :?
and who are they????? his parents[/color] :roll:

haha he was so skinny

ha ha ha... :lol: he looks funny