The Strokes + Kings Of Leon

Jun 29

The Strokes + Kings Of Leon

Posted by Laurena on

how unbelievably cool would it be if the strokes and kol toured together again? i think we should get a petition going. not that it would work. but it could be fun! :)

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I apologize, i snapped because i find it fun being an asshole on the internet.

I meant to put one of these --> :P guys after the post. It's just a little annoying when people don't read other people's posts first. I've had a long day. sorry.

jesus christ- so i didn't catch the word "again" there the first time- no need to be such a bitch about it.

you clearly didn't read any of the above posts then.

wow that'd kick ass.
but i could've sworn that they already toured together :|

No if KoL toured with The Strokes, I'd probably start suffering from insomnia, I'd be SO F*CKING EXCITED!! My 2 favourite bands touring together? That would just be too much to handle. They toured with Regina Spektor before aswell. The Strokes, KoL and Regina Spektor..... I don't think it gets better than that.

Oh yeah they won't tour together again by the way, haha.

caleb said in this weeks nme that the strokes "were and still are the coolest band in the world"

i agree!:)

oh my.

Didn't one of KOL steal Albert's last gf?
And even if that isn't true, KOL ripped on Albert's first album sooooo hard! I remember a quote went something like 'Albert hears a song and everything he likes about it is shit, Juilan hears a song and everything he likes about it is amazing'

I'm pretty sure they just aren't friends anymore.

That would be INSANELY COOL!

You know what else would be awesome?
If the Strokes toured with Interpol. :D :) ;) :mrgreen: 8-) :lol: :P

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