Screw higher education.

Jun 29

Screw higher education.

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The smartest thing I, personally, have ever done is put cinnamon and sugar in a shaker together so I can have cinnamon toast whenever I desire without having to deal with that horrible extra step.

-Viv(I figure the best way to make it feel like the old board is to make threads I would've made on the old board.)

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I love knowledge, and I would implore anyone to give college a shot. If it's not right for you... then it's not right for you, but there is no reason to tell others that it's not right for them.

I miss threads like this.


I have never tasted cinnamon in my life.

You'll make an average $350,000 more over a career than a non-college graduate. College is a PITA, especially the 100 and 200 level courses, which always seem to start at 8AM. What it shows employers is that you put up with 4 years of obstacles and bullshit and were able to see a long term project all the way through. It's not even so much your major. Pick something you like, whatever it is.

[quote="Celtic Thunder"]Financially, it's worthwhile to finish your degree program.[/quote]

Realistically, I'd have to have some sort of awesome time-travel powers in order to -not- finish my degree.

-Viv(In the past two weeks I've done more with the toasty-shaker.)

Financially, it's worthwhile to finish your degree program.

Simply brilliant. (And that is not in any way sarcastic.)