Possible Misheard Lyrics to Some Songs

Jul 01

Possible Misheard Lyrics to Some Songs

Posted by adonis on

I'm a relatively new convert to the music of The Strokes, so forgive me if these lyrics are off, but this is what I hear when I play these songs

[b]Last Nite[/b]

Last Nite
She said
Oh baby don't kneel in socks
It don't turn me on
And I'm feeling doubt

So wide
I tuned rocks
Oh baby don't gallop more
I'll get dissed for sure
Walking out my door

[b]Heart In a Cage[/b]

Well I don't feed Biddles
When I'm...flicking a rock
And I don't write Biddles
When I'm...stuck in a broad

(BTW, who is "Biddles" - Julian's dog?)

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