a photo from the pedal board of nick valensi

Jul 02

a photo from the pedal board of nick valensi

Posted by marrau on

well i foun a photo that i can see the pedal board, so i make a list of the pedal that i recognize

*fender footswitch(i think)
* i see 2 MXR microamp
*a Jekyll and hyde
*a Vox Bulldog Distortion
*a Boss TU2
*a little yellow pedal, but i cant see it well

the image here http://www.shesfixingherhair.co.uk/live/fuse_1.jpg

if some one recognize the yellow pedal, said to me

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[quote="adonis"]Albert has a yellow pedal

i think that those aren't his pedals!
the ones in the back are his, you know the J&H etc..

why he will need 2 mxr?

U Got A Good Eye...

naa. i bet u guessed in all of them!

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