Brian Eno is like the king midas of music

Jul 03

Brian Eno is like the king midas of music

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Yesterday I bought Coldplay's new album Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends and it blew me away. Before I listened to viva la vida I thought of Coldplay as a band that only 25 year old women listen to, I was wrong. When I finished the album I realized that there was no song worthy of skipping over like most of the strokes second and third album. Brian Eno really breathed a breath of life into a band that in my opinion was starting to tire out. I love this album so much that I am bold enough to say it is one of the best albums in the past 25 years.

In my opinion the strokes need to forget pharrell williams and employ Brian Eno.

Brian Eno is truly the King Midas of music and if anyone can save The Strokes from impending doom( A shitty 4th album) it will be him, or Timbaland. Just joking not Timbaland.

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I'd marry the man.


Brian Eno was a very solid producer for U2. I'm a big fan of his work with them. However, Coldplay, already fighting off U2 comparisons, should not have picked Eno. There new album, while it has a few good moments, overall sounds like a shitty U2 imitation. X and Y came together nicely but did not capture the genius of Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head. The new album sounds over produced and trying hard to be something that Coldplay is not. I'm all for change, but I don't really count a move towards U2 imitation as true change. Coldplay needs to build off what they did right on their first two albums and expand on that for their next album.

Brian Eno would be terrible for the Strokes by the way. His sense of sound seriously clashes with that of the strokes. The gritty garage rock that made the first two strokes albumbs so great would be lost completely. I believe that he would seriously overproduce their 4th record.

My choices:

2. Gordon Raphael: while I liked many songs on First Impressions, that album lost some of the magic of the first two. Returning to Raphael could seriously recapture their genius. He knows what works for them, because he's the one who got them going in the first place.

1. Rick Rubin: While choosing Raphael would be solid, I think that Rubin is the man to choose. If the strokes want to change in a good way, Rubin has time and time again proved successful at that. What Rubin did on Blood Sugar Sex Magic was absolutely incredible. Rick Rubin is pure music genius, and that's exactly what the strokes need.

Stay away from Pharell to. Just listen to the converse commerical he did with Julian to know how much he would suck as a producer of the strokes. He is a top hip hop producer, but he should stay away from guitar/garage rock.

Nigel Godrich (of First Impressions of Earth) would be alright, but i don't really like what he did with that album. Still better than Eno or Pharell though.

Pick Rubin!

I think anyone who doesn't like Coldplay's new album doesn't like change (no offense in anyway you guys), because it's definitely not Coldplay style but it's still fucking amazing. They couldn't do the same thing they've been doing off Parachutes and Rush of Blood because it's been done before. They went in a completely different direction and it obviously paid off. Again, AMAZING. So who knows about The Strokes? They could produce a different style and still give us brilliance.

[quote="thebossamericana"]Brian Eno doesnt know shit about guitar rock. He definately wouldn't be good for the strokes.[/quote]

What the fuck are you talking about? We re talking about brian eno , i mean BRIAN FUCKING ENO . Legend

Personally, I find the new colplay album really disappointing. To be honest, it's been over produced. The rawness from the first two albums is really missing. x and y was more produced but for some reason it worked. Brian Eno doesnt know shit about guitar rock. He definately wouldn't be good for the strokes.

Eno would be a sick choice on paper, but in reality, I can't see someone who's worked with groups like U2 that deliver stadium sized sound to work with such stripped down rock bands like The Strokes. I think they should ask Nigel Godrich to reconcile their differences from the aborted RoF sessions and make a great album. Either him or Gordon Raphael, to bring back the Is This It/RoF feel that was lacking on FIoE.

[color=#008000]coldplay disappoint me and i think what the worst they could have done it was work with him , although they started change since X&Y :?
how spacessships said coldplay is parachutes and rush of .......
and about pharrell we don´t know if he ´ll be the producer
maybe we can do a strike or petition online against pharrell or gordon raphael hahaha :roll: [/color]

for a long time i've thought that brian eno would be a perfect fit for producing for the strokes. if they feel that raphael gordon wouldn't fit in with producing their ever expanding sound, then eno seems to be the perfect choice. while first impressions of earth was a solid album, i felt that dave kahne's production was too tight and it kind of kept the songs' mellodies and rythms pinend down in some way. also i felt that the song parts felt to seperated at times. i think brian eno would really know how to let the strokes' agressive yet beautiful mellodies and rythms shine and have the parts all floww together seamlessly.

Two Words: Gordon Raphael

I skip over some of First Impressions of Earth and some of Room on Fire not Is this it.

Viva La Vida is nothing compared to their last albums. If you want good Coldplay get Parachutes and Rush of Blood.

Brian Eno is good but I don't see him with the Strokes. I don't see Pharrell either. I don't think anyone needs to "save" the Strokes - this album is going to be legendary after the longest wait for one yet. Also, how do you skip over songs on Is This It but not on Room on Fire?

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