Reptilia Duplicate

Jul 04

Reptilia Duplicate

Posted by 3 to 1 Odds on

Check out the Topic entitled "REPTILIA FAN VIDEO" in General Discussion.....its really cool

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This is really informative. Thanks for sharing. <a href="">Kyle Leon Review</a>

Room On California

This is me playing the bass part of my all time favorite STROKES song of all time
Please Coment
<a href="" title=""></a>

there you can watch both at the same time [url][/url] 8-) "Nikolai" is weird :mrgreen: awsome work

Weird, I posted that topic and it isn't there anymore....
Anyways, here's a link to my reshot video using Rock Band instruments:
And a side-by-side comparison of my video next to the original masterpiece by The Strokes here:

I really hope everyone enjoys it :)

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