Strokes Tattoos.

Jul 06

Strokes Tattoos.

Posted by KT_loo on

I know Albert and Julian both have tattoos. Not sure about the rest.

But would you ever consider getting a Strokes tattoo?
And I mean like a Strokes logo not an obscure lyrical reference.

I have tattoos, and I don't think I ever would.

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I have a 12:51 on my wrist, and love it.!/photo.php?fbid=1396458347761&set=a.1439183535864.2062277.1121306736&type=3&theater

Where's Strokes tattoo guy?

Tattoos are like clothes or makeup you can't take off. Why would you want to wear the same thing all the time?

I don´t like tattoos either. I respect a lot people who have them, but personally, I would never print anything like that in my body. Simply, I don´t like it.
Regarding getting a job with tattoos, in my country (MX) it´s very difficult to get a job at an important company if you have them.
As I said before, I respect people who have tattoos, but, as well, most of the delinquents have them. Take a look of the Maras Salvatruchas.

Well, adonis I have a career job and my tattoos and piercings (that's right, I have them too) don't get in the way of anything. So think about it.

I don't assume that I'll be the same person in 20 years; I'm not the same person now as when I got them. I still love them though, not so much for the design anymore but what they mean to me.
And anyway, your point about tattoos going out of fashion is null and void. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and since they were introduced to western culture they have only gotten more and more popular.

I'm not saying you have to like them or want to get them. My point is that by getting one it doesn't say anything about your 'class' or level of education, just your personal taste.

Well KT_loo, I'd agree with you if you were right. You're assuming you're going to be the same person 20 years from now, with the same tastes and the same sensibilities. Everybody changes - tastes change. That's why I call the tattoo "the permanent mullet". Twenty years ago, mullets were the rage. Everyone- even many women had them. Now they are the source of ridicule. There are even websites dedicated to the folly of the mullet: Http:// .

But here's the rub: the Mullet Head can remove their look with a trip to the barber. You can't simply remove a tattoo - particularly if they used green ink. And getting a career job is tougher if you have a tattoo. So think about it.

[quote="adonis"]Tats are permanent mullets. They make you look cheap and uneducated. They make you look lower class. Scoff it off, but the truth hurts.[/quote]

I disagree wholeheartedly.
The tattoos I have aren't slut stamps, or some tribal bullshit. They were something I have been thinking about since I was old enough to know what they were. I don't show them off, in fact unless you were a good friend or in a relationship with me you wouldn't know I have them.
For me that are a permanent reminder of who I was then. I will never regret them.

So does that make me cheap, uneducated and lower class?

I'd like about 2 or 3. I wouldn't have any below my elbows. Just small ones that have taken alot of thought. According to the mother i have liked Joy Division since i was 4, 21 now and love them more than ever, so a small one that says Joy Division without mentioning them, that i, and a fellow fan would understand, wouldn't be too bad. And when im old and dress like Stephen Fry/Keith Richards, depending on how things go, there'll be enough courd or cloth to cover.

i agree with the 2nd poster. i mean you'll probably regret it as the years go on. and when/if your skin gets flabby from getting fat or like preggers, it stretches when its on your body.. its just a mess. so just dont get them and save the thousands you'll be spending by trying to get it to come off when your older and dont like it anymore

I was thinking of getting a Joy Division related tat, i designed one, and it looked fucking good, and classy, marked, whilst still bearing that element of sophistication and intelligence.

Tats are permanent mullets. They make you look cheap and uneducated. They make you look lower class. Scoff it off, but the truth hurts.

Oh i definitely would. i wanna get a strokes magna logo tattoo on my wrist. but of course i wouldnt get anything that doesnt mean alot to me. tattoos are permanent and once you get them u cant take them off. but the strokes mean alot to me i know this is a cliche but they really have changed my life and thats why i want to get their logo tattooed on me. granted, when the time actually comes and im standing in a tattoo parlor, im probably going to chicken out and get a henna tattoo : )

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